Sat 6 July 2024 Reisjärvi
6 km / 13 km / 22 km / 37 km

Feel wild and free like a deer. Challenge yourself to participate in the most talked about trail running event of summer 2024 in Finland!

Admire the wonders of Finland's southernmost wilderness. Enjoy the rugged and beautiful views of the Peuranpolku and Suurijärvi hiking trails.

Choose the challenge that suits you from the versatile route options.

6 km Nice Musta
13 km Interesting Kirvesheikki
22 km Preposterous Poskeinen
37 km Wild Harjuntakanen

The event center is the Petäjämäki outdoor recreation center in Reisjärvi (Rintalantie 88). There is transportation from the event center to the departure points.

Companies involved

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In the background of the event

Minna is a wellness entrepreneur who enjoys running.

"The deer trail has also sometimes been known as the poor man's lap. I think a lot of trail runners don't know how great terrain we have here. I hope that as many people as possible will get to experience their beauty this summer."

Torsti is an innovative serial entrepreneur and an enthusiastic creator of events.

"In five different decades, sausages have been fried in these terrains. My family and I like to go around the different routes of Peuranpolu in summer and autumn. It's great to be part of the diamond team organizing an unforgettable event."

Ville is an orienteering enthusiastic and CEO of a garden sauna company.

"The idea for the event was developed on the trail running runs in the future competition terrains. I dreamed that others could also enjoy these wonderful wilderness trails. Dreams are now coming true and I'm absolutely nuts!"

Peuranpolku Trail run
Rrail running event
In Reisjärvi on July 6, 2024